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Join our team!

We're seeking talented and passionate people to join our team and help further our mission to make the wonders of the world personally accessible to all through virtual travel experiences.  If you think you could be a fit based on the responsibilities and qualifications below - please get in touch

Current Openings:

Photogrammetry Artist

We are seeking a Photogrammetry Artist to join the team to help capture and process amazing real-world locations to be featured in apps. A Photogrammetry Artist is responsible for on-site photography to capture a location using ground and aerial photogrammetry techniques, and the processing of that data to generate meshes and textures which get fed into our pipeline to be featured in our apps.


On-Site Photography

  • Planning the logistics around capturing a location - including accounting for travel, permits, weather, lighting, etc.
  • Preparing equipment for an efficient shoot, and management of backing up data after a shoot.
  • Managing a small team on location during a shoot.
  • Shooting high quality ground images with an SLR.
  • Shooting high quality aerial images with a UAV.


  • Update team wiki with capture metadata.
  • Organization of capture data to submit to the pipeline server.
  • Color balance and grading of captured raw images.
  • Running initial alignment of images in Reality Capture.
  • Merging initial alignments into one master alignment of all images.
  • Verification of alignment quality in Reality Capture using control points.
  • Generation of Normal and High Quality meshes.
  • Willingness to learn BRINK XR's custom tools to help process data further.


Photography Background

  • In-depth knowledge and experience with full-frame camera systems and aerial drone photography. (preferably in a landscape photography context)
  • In-depth knowledge in the technical aspects of professional landscape photography. (exposure, camera settings, lens and sensor information)
  • Processing and handling of raw images.
  • Online samples demonstrating proficiency.

Photogrammetry Background

  • Strong knowledge and experience with photogrammetry in Reality Capture - including image alignment, verifying results with control points, merging components, and generating meshes.
  • Online samples demonstrating proficiency.

General Traits

  • A love of the great outdoors and travel, and a desire to preserve and protect the amazing places of the world.
  • Reasonably fit and healthy enough to travel to remote areas while hiking, camping, carrying necessary equipment, etc.
  • Open to frequent international travel and the visa & health requirements that come with it: up-to-date passport, vaccinations, etc.
  • Able to work within a small team for on-site capture.
  • Self-managing and eager to show their own ideas and vision for a capture.
  • Comfortable working remotely within a Windows pipeline - including remote networking and version control software like Perforce.

Bonus Traits

  • 3D graphics knowledge - familiarity with programs like Houdini, Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Mari, Photoshop, etc.
  • Realtime engines knowledge - familiarity with Unity or Unreal Engine.

XR Software Engineer

We are seeking an XR Software Engineer to join our team to help improve BRINK Traveler, our virtual travel experience app on Oculus Store and Steam. An XR Software Engineer is responsible for improving and adding features such as user interfaces, realistic natural effects and animations, and XR devices compatibility. The ideal candidate must have a strong understanding of real-time 3D rendering techniques and should have experience with creating animations with a 3D software such as Maya, 3Ds Max, Blender or Houdini.


  • Maintain and improve the current Unity project that drives our VR and AR applications
  • Create realistic and performant visual effects with custom shaders and animations
  • Prototype new interactions and features with an eye toward intuitive usability and feel
  • Implement XR UI designs from Photoshop/Illustrator templates
  • Add support for existing and upcoming XR devices


General Traits

  • 3+ years experience as an engineer shipping user-facing features on games or other 3D interactive products
  • Solid experience with Unity and C#
  • Strong understanding of real-time 3D rendering techniques
  • Experience with VR and AR development for Android and Windows platforms
  • Comfortable working remotely within a Windows pipeline with an international remote team
  • Self-managing and eager to show their own ideas to improve the UX

Bonus Traits

  • Experience creating animations with Maya, 3Ds Max, Blender or Houdini
  • Experience creating node based shaders with Amplify Shader Editor (or Shader Graph)
  • Experience in UX design or game design
  • Experience with realtime networking features (i.e., synchronous multiplayer games)
  • Experience with ZBrush, Substance Painter and Mari
  • Experience with versioning tools like Plastic SCM and Perforce
  • Experience with Asana (or any other project management tool)
  • A love of the great outdoors and travel, and a desire to preserve and protect the amazing places of the world

Production Manager

We are seeking a Production Manager to join our team at Brink XR. This person will contribute to the organization of our production processes and help our company grow to its next stages. In this role, you will be responsible for managing the production of our virtual travel experience apps, helping with general day-to-day company management as needs arise, and assist in maintaining and growing the online presence of the company.


Project Management

  • Project milestone scheduling and team task organization in Asana.
  • Management of weekly standups to ensure team is organized and on-track for milestones.
  • Maintaining the team wiki as a central knowledge source so information is consolidated and easy to access.
  • Assistance with onboarding and hiring.
  • Assistance with travel logistics and planning for teams going out in the field.

Community Outreach

  • Regularly checking email boxes and answering simple customer questions / referring incoming emails to appropriate team members.
  • Regularly checking app store pages and responding to reviews.
  • Regularly checking our communities on reddit / discord.
  • Updating the company website with relevant new updates.
  • Updating social media channels with provided images / videos and responding to comments.
  • Maintaining contact with press and partners during launches and press events.


General Traits

  • Experience with Production and Project Management for a small but growing team.
  • Highly organized and able to bring order to the chaos of production with a calm and level approach.
  • Familiarity with production tracking software like Asana and Confluence.
  • Familiarity with social media platforms and tools like mailing lists to keep our community updated.
  • Self-managing and eager to show their own ideas for how processes can be improved.
  • Comfortable working remotely within a Windows pipeline with an international remote team.
  • A love of the great outdoors and travel, and a desire to preserve and protect the amazing places of the world.
  • Open to occasional international travel and the visa & health requirements that come with it: up-to-date passport, vaccinations, etc.

Bonus Traits

  • Experience with game or visual effects production management.
  • Basic web coding proficiency (HTML & CSS).