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Travel the World - anytime, anywhere

The World is filled with amazing places to see and experience. But travel can be difficult: expensive, restricted, inaccessible. And pictures can be lacking: flat, underwhelming, limited.

But what if you could have the feeling of traveling the World - today?

BRINK Traveler is a virtual travel experience that takes you to amazing locations in full 3D to feel like you're really there. Step into a postcard and visit some of the most breathtaking places on Earth today!

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Virtual Travel Experiences

A new way to see the World

We capture amazing places in volumetric 3D to create incredible immersive experiences that bring you as close as you can get to really being there.

BRINK Traveler for AR turns your phone or tablet into a window to the World, walk around and explore a location as if you were there in person!

BRINK Traveler for VR is the closest thing you'll have to a teleport button anytime soon. Put on a headset and feel like you’re really there!

BRINK Traveler
for Phones & Tablets (AR)

BRINK Traveler
for Virtual Reality (VR)

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Fully 3D (6 DoF)

Volumetric capture of real locations all the way to the horizon. Move through a place as you would in person.

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BRINK Traveler gives you a feeling of presence, scale, and immersion not possible from any other medium.

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Our experiences work on all phones, tablets, and VR headsets, from the comfort of your own home.

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Making the World smaller and more accessible

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Our Mission

BRINK XR is dedicated to making the wonders of the World personally accessible to all through Virtual Travel Experiences. We aim to give people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to visit the amazing places of the World a chance to feel like they’ve experienced it in person.

We see virtual travel as a tool to help lower the barrier of entry for those who don’t have the time, money, or health to travel freely. We believe virtual travel experiences can be a tool to build connection and empathy for these amazing places - to protect and ensure them for future generations. Beyond entertainment, we see profound uses for virtual travel - including education, healthcare, and historic documentation.

Our World is filled with amazing places to see and explore. Our passion for travel and the great outdoors is the guiding light of our work on BRINK Traveler. We strive to recreate the connection we have to the incredible natural places we love being in, and enable anyone to have their own connection to these wonderful locations.

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Our Team

We're an award winning team of VFX artists, VR creators, mountain climbers, and World travelers.

BRINK XR was formed because we recognized an opportunity to use our skills in a new and exciting way to create meaningful content that provides entertainment, education, awareness, and scientific / historic relevance to the World.

We've always been trying to capture and present the World as we experience it with 360 photos, timelapses, photography - but with BRINK Traveler, it finally feels like we've found something that does justice to the scale and feeling of being in these amazing places—something no other medium has been able to really capture before now.

Interested in joining our team? Check out our open positions

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Latest Press and Updates

See the World From the Comfort of Home with BRINK Traveler on Oculus Quest

September 09 2021 | Oculus Blog

Article Image

Teleport yourself across the planet with BRINK Traveler from Brink XR, a first-of-its-kind virtual travel experience app that lets you explore breathtaking real-World locations in fully volumetric 3D environments created from meticulously scanned photogrammetry and LiDAR.

Visit over a dozen gorgeous locations around the World with BRINK Traveler, out now on the Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms, as well as Steam for $9.99 USD...

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BRINK Traveler Takes You on Photorealistic Hikes in VR, Coming to Quest & Steam

September 01 2021 | Road To VR

Article Image

BRINK Traveler is a VR travel app that, thanks to some detailed photogrammetry, offers up realistic 3D locations for you to hike through and learn about along the way.

Brink Traveler offers up 18 different places to hike around which span a dozen locations. Indie studio BRINK XR says more are planned to release sometime after the app’s September 9th launch on Quest and SteamVR headsets...

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BRINK Traveler Offers Some Of VR’s Best Travel Content Yet...

August 30 2021 | Upload VR

Article Image

BRINK Traveler is available now for Oculus Quest and PC VR, allowing you to travel to a selection of stunning locations that are displayed in full volumetric 3D by way of photogrammetry-based capture technology.

The app was announced a few weeks ago and launched more recently for Oculus Quest and PC VR via the Oculus Store and Steam. After jumping into the app on Quest and trying out a few of the locations yesterday, it’s clear that Brink is one of the best travel apps available on the Quest...

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